How to join Bajaj Avenger Club, Pune (BAC, Pune)?

Update 2 :-

I’m no more part Bajaj Avenger Club due to my own reasons which I cannot specify here. Hence I cannot guide you any further in case of BAC process.

I with help of friends started a new club – Avenger Motorcycle Club. We have already done so many group rides now and grown pretty fast to active 35 riders. Of course if you are interested in joining the club as a rider, please feel free to write in the comments or message me on +91 9975500310.

We are currently in Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad and Kolhapur cities. If you are interested in starting our chapter in any other city, use contact us form on our website( to connect with me on that.

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Update 1 :-

Steps in article at bottom are outdated. You can directly comment on the below post and write down your Facebook profile URL. I will connect with you on Facebook, just remember to keep watching messages.

Or you can directly type in your mobile number in comment. I’ll read and delete the comment and connect with you on whatsapp.

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I have been part of Bajaj Avenger Club, Pune for more than a year now. It is always fun riding with the group. There are multiple reasons to be part of these group.  Beyond that they are fun loving people, the most important one is riding in formation and strictly following riding rules. Safety first is what it means. Joining Bajaj Avenger Club, Pune, (in short we call it BAC, Pune) was a painful job, as group doesn’t have any website but FB page/group and Instagram profile. Somehow I found my ways to contact them and join. I would like to share this information about joining this group, so the next rider, do not face the same issues, like I did.

STEPS to Join, Bac Pune:-

  1. Contact Tony, the president of BAC, Pune on Facebook. Send him a message on FB asking for joining BAC, Pune+ sending a friend request would be good. Here goes his FB profile:- (Removed his profile)
  2. Normally he would accept friend request. Send you response on FB with form for signing up the group with his contact number.
  3. Once you fill in the form online, just drop him a message on Whatsapp about it.
  4. As soon as you come in our meet up or ride happening after you join, he will add you to the Whatsapp group of the BAC, Pune, where good discussion never end.
  5. There are some people, who join the group but never show their face. 4th step is to avoid adding up such people in the group.
  6. If you are facing any issues with following these steps, let me know in the comments on this blog.

Believe me, you are going to have loads of fun riding with BAC, Pune. But if you are one of those that, you just bought all new Bajaj Avenger and joining group for the sake for just joining, don’t bother to join us.

Here are some social profiles of the BAC, Pune:-

Facebook:- Removed

Instagram:- Removed

Above social profiles will give you good idea about, why one should join the Bajaj Avenger Club, Pune.


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  1. I’m Manzoor Bijali I like bike ride

  2. Kamlesh says: Reply

    what if somebody don’t use FB?

    1. Umakant says: Reply

      Kamlesh sign up us at and we will contact you in 3 days.

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