is_email for JavaScript, Node, RequireJS and jQuery

Today email address are asked by many websites for signing up for there services. How do they validate email address? May be using code which ignores RFCs. Say if your ISP has issued you email address which flouts RFC conventions and it is invalid. If you can send and receive emails on that why does it matter its invalid?

Here comes is_email originally developed by Dominic Sayers written in Java, C# and PHP which validates email address.

My project requirement was to validate email in JavaScript. Tried various libraries available on the web and i failed getting one like is_email. I myself ported the code written by Dominic Sayers in PHP to JavaScript.

I have shared it on Github in the hope someday, someone like me would need it too. Now is_mail library can be used in Node as module. Find it on npm registry as ‘is_email’ package.

You can also use it with jQuery and RequireJS. Find details on how it can used in is_email Github repository file.

If you find bugs please open issue on Github or feel free to fork and send pull request.

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  1. Hey Author,
    It is really a nice post to solve client side is_email validation

  2. umakant says: Reply

    Ashutosh, not just client side(JavaScript) validations but also for platforms like Node.js

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