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  • Are you going for a long motorcycle ride? 9 gadgets you must take with you

    In India, the culture of going for motorcycle rides among people has increased a lot over last 2 years and likewise I have also developed love for riding. I remember the day I had started riding. No gadgets, no idea what to take with me while on motorcycle ride. Over a period of time I […]

  • Motorcycle
  • Ladakh carrier (modifications) for Bajaj Avenger in Pune

    The important aspect while going to Leh-Ladakh road trip is the luggage. The questions which come up in mind are, what to carry?, how to carry? how much to carry?  Most of the answers could be found on internet on sites like http://devilonwheels.com which guide you through various aspects of the trip. Me and my […]

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  • How to use Smarty templates in Node.js

    Larger projects can lead you to use multiple technologies. Say you are using Smarty templates in PHP and want to use/share same templates in Node.js. jSmart is a way to go. jSmart is a port of the Smarty Template Engine to  make it Javascript Templating Engine. jSmart can work in browsers and CommonJS environments like Node.js. […]